Makeup Haul!! 

Hey pretties…

Leaving you with this drugstore makeup haul I did on my YouTube channel a bit ago. If you want to keep up with videos just go over and click that subscribe icon 😬




Elf on Elf on Elf! 

Hey loves, 

With Fall rapidly approaching (and thank God- fav season) I wanted to find some makeup ideas for you to transition from Summer to warm, gorgeous, and comfy Fall. One easy way to do that in makeup is lip color. Now we all know once we are in Fall the dark reds, and browns are all the rage but I feel that right now we are in this weird time space in the middle so here I got a few options. Also I wanted to make it affordable, but still creamy and pretty so to ELF I went to.

1. Let’s give it a go with “Velvet Rope” bright enough to still give you those Summer vibes but a nice orange shade to make you start feeling those pumpkin flavor everything. Lol…

2. Now this option kind of tones things down a bit, and if you wanted gives you the room to add some more play to your eyes. “Pink Minx” is perfect for everyday shade, and honestly every season but I use it as my Fall nude. 

3. And last but definitely not least, my fav “Ravishing Rose”. This shade works, just works on EVERYONE I’ve seen it on. Is perfect for an elaborate eye, or just rock it with a simple wing and mascara. I think if you mix the previous two this is kind of what you get. I recommend this shade so much, so you have an idea my two year old grabbed it and destroyed it and I went and grabbed two more (that I know store far, far away from her). 

I hope I gave you some inspiration, and remember wearing a rocking lipstick can make your day. I can not wait for Fall and you can all expect a lot of more makeup looks, and hopefully a few fashion ones too. 

Easy makeup look! 

Heyyy beauties!!

I made this video with the makeup look that I haven’t stopped wearing ALL WEEK. I got it down to 10-15 minutes depending on how stubborn the wing is that day lol, but it looks like you put a lot more effort and time that you actually need. Watch below ⬇️ and as always I’ll list all the products used.


  • All eyeshadows: Tarteist Palette from Tarte​​
  • Eyeliner: Kat Von D in trooper
  • Foundation: Dior
  • Bronzer: Hourglass
  • Highlight: Champagne Pop Becca Cosmetics
  • Mascara: Dior
  • Lipstick: Essence
  • Setting spray: L’occitanne brightening mist

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask!!! 

Date Night! 

Hello Beauties…

Is Friday, and for a lot of you that means date night. I thought I’d bring you a makeup look that you could wear, or in any case what I do when I have a date night. 

Please remember I’m not claiming to be a makeup artist (at all) I just love makeup, and sharing what I love. I hope you all enjoy it, and as always I’ll write the products used below. 

Have a safe and amazing weekend, please let me know what else you’d like to see and share your thoughts about this look!!! 




  • Primer: Marc Jacobs coconut primer (did it off camera)
  • Eyebrows: ABH brow definer (off camera too)
  • Eyes: Marc Jacobs Palette “About Last Night”
  • Foundation: Clinique Beyond Perfecting
  • Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind
  • Setting Powder: Wet N Wild Mattifying Powder
  • Bronzer: Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light
  • Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tatto Liner 
  • Eyeliner: water line Wet N Wild “Calling Your Buff” crayon
  • Highlight: Becca Cosmetic “Champagne Pop”
  • Lipstick: Dior Addict 754 Pandore 
  • Mascara: Estée Lauder “Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof” extreme black (off camera) 
  • Setting Spray: L’Occitane iluminating mist

If you feel like a red lip might be too much for you feel free to exchange for a nude lip, honestly this look allows you to wear any lipstick color you prefer. 

Until next time beauties…

Let’s get the makeup show on..

Hello beauties!!! 

So by the name of this blog you should know that I don’t want to only cover fashion but makeup as well. Makeup has powers I tell you. No matter how you’re feeling, or what’s going on sometimes doing your makeup and liking what you see makes you feel better. This is of course not a solution to the problem, but when we feel our best, we can see things from different perspectives. 
So I won’t keep you much longer I’ll just leave this little video right here, which shows the first makeup look I want to include in this blog!

Please understand I’m not claiming to be a makeup artist or an expert, I made this site with the purpose of sharing my passions and makeup is one of them. I get asked by friends and family a lot about makeup, so maybe some of you would like to know as well. Ill write down a list of products I used so if you guys want to get anything you’ll know what it is. 

Ps. is my first video so stuff happened like camera fell at some point and stuff like that lol, I thought about editing it out but i thought it’d be fun to leave it right there 🙂 

I hope you guys like it… ENJOY!!!! 





Shoes for the Summer!

Hello beauties: 

Today’s post is coming from one shoeaholic to all the ladies out there. I was recently in Miami, and that meant one thing-shopping. And what’s the one thing us ladies can never get enough of? shoes, so here are my picks for this summer, hopefully you’ll like them. 

image1For the summer comfort is key for me. You don’t want on top of the heat to feel restricted or uncomfortable, and in my case add being a mom and comfort is more of a requirement. The block heel is here to stay ladies and thank god for it. You get the height and the style without the pain, win win if you ask me. Of course nothing beats a nice flat for the summer days and add some metallic, like i did and you found the way to my heart. Last but definitely not least, is the new trend the slides. These i found and i instantly fell in love with them. Now for more details of where to buy and pricing on all of these, keep on reading. image2My first find are these yellow, block heels from Zara. If you’re not familiar with Zara well get familiar. They always have the cutest styles in shoes and clothes and their price point is pretty reasonable. Is not forever 21 prices but the quality is very much worth it. These babies are leather and the color combo makes it sooo easy to take them from day to night. They are right now $69.90 and if you’re interested here is the link to them. One last thing they do run a bit small so i would recommend to go up half a size. stop-SLIDES. These babies are from Melissa and they are all you will need in summer. They can go anywhere from pool to maxi dress and you will be happy at all times. They feel soft and has a cushion feeling to them, making them perfect to walk around. One detail from Melissa that i ADORE is the smell, all of their shoes smell like strawberries so if you were not in summer vibes, these will get you there in no time. These i found in the Nordstrom website, for $85.00 which is less than what i paid for them at the Melissa store. The color is named sand flower and you have a few other options. In the Melissa website you will find plain options of these for $75.00 but of course if you ask me the extra bit is worth it. Now below ill leave the link to these exact ones. Enjoy!!

image4Ladies now these babies, OMG, metallic rose gold hmmm yesssssss. These are Michael Kors and Willa is the name. They go with jeans, dresses, and everything in between. They easily dress up any outfit and look beautiful. I will say they are kind of delicate so if you are looking for a sandal to wear all the time, these are not it. These are more of wear and then put back in their box kind of thing. Now for the price i would expect a bit better wear but metallic materials always tend to be on the more delicate side, they also come in other materials so that might be a better fit for you guys. Now these are $120.00 at Younkers but they have free shipping and 30% off right now (code provided on their website). Now if you are somewhere that there’s a Macy’s i recommend to get them there, that’s where i got them and they were around $90.00 I believe. If you don’t here is the direct link to Younkers.

image5For the last one, Calvin Klein just knocked it out of the park with these. The color, style, heel height, i mean there’s nothing i would change about Joelle. If there’s anything that has my heart are mules, and this color is just perfect. These are leather so contrary to the previous ones these will last you for a long time and can wear them as much as you want. These are right now on sale for $104.25 and free shipping on the Macy’s website. They also come in black but these almond tan color (name they gave it) are just perfect. I completely recommend these, they are the perfect combo of cute, and comfy. Here’s the link for you babes.

I hope you girls like these babies and find some outfit inspiration with them. If you are interested in ways to style these, you’re in the right place. Pictures of different ways to style them will be coming to the blog soon, so if you’re not subscribed i recommend you do!!! (shameless, i know). Until the next time, happy shopping beauties!!! 

Loving Yourself!!

Hello beauties: 

By now I’ve written and deleted the start to this post about five times. I’ve tried to keep up with the blog and obviously i have not been successful. Today as i get a new name and attempt to re-do this entire thing i thought it’d be a good idea to start off with the most honest post i can give you all. So why hasn’t the blog work so far? Why haven’t I been keeping up with it? 

The truth? I’ve created so much content but at the end of the day, I didn’t like any of the content i created and for one simple reason: i didn’t like me. You know whats funny? You ask anyone who knows me to describe me and the number one answer you’ll get will be confident. I’ve always been that person, to start conversations, to make jokes, and to wear anything i like no matter what anyone would say about it. All of that was the main reason why i wanted to create this, to connect and to show people through fashion and makeup and lifestyle tips ways to express themselves. So here i come, open blog, get a name, advertise a little on IG and FB and i’m all set, next step – content. 

I started taking pictures of the fashion, of the makeup, of everything and i made what i can say today was my absolute mistake, i started to compare them to other people. Then i started reading and convinced myself that i couldn’t do it because i needed a certain camera, or lighting, or whatever other stuff we read online. Well after waiting all this time going back and forth and talking myself in and out of it a thousand times i can tell you that it was never about camera or lighting because i wasn’t comparing picture quality, i was comparing me. Is easy to convince yourself that you shouldn’t be doing certain things because you don’t look a certain way. This is when i realize that without noticing i had allow strangers to put me into a category and i had stayed there like i didn’t have a choice. 

Ladies is easy to get yourself down nowadays if you’re not perfect, and in a world where no one is really perfect there are a lot of us left feeling insecure. I was comparing myself  to all this amazing bloggers that we see everywhere and how a makeup would look on a certain picture and say well mine is not as good so why would i post it? And i just kept going and going until i put myself so down that the idea i had and the dream i was reaching for just sounded silly even to myself. When you question yourself and who you are specially in the world we live in today, you kind of lose yourself and that is without a doubt what i did. 

After all of this how and why am I trying this again? Luckily just as there are so many bloggers and YouTubers that we don’t look anything like, there are thousands that do. I started looking for ladies that looked like me, and were putting themselves out there and looking beautiful while doing it. I read about being confident, and loving yourself which i had never had a problem with but had lost so much of without realizing it. Now after a while, rediscovering myself, and learning how to love who I am once more, why do this again? Well to ANYONE that’s out there going through that process i want to be what those ladies where to me. The more of us out there, the easier we would be to find right? The internet can be a place where you can find your tribe, it does not have to be a negative place and that’s what i want to add, positivism. 

Hopefully i’ll get a lot of people along with me, to share all the things that i love but even if i don’t even if i only reach one person is so worth it to me. So this now will be a journey of learning everyday to love ourselves, and to be comfortable with who we are no matter size, age, or anything else. So if you’re looking for style, self-love, positive vibes, and fun times, welcome lets be best friends. This is for EVERYONE, the girl that just now is discovering her style, the one changing it, or the one that is just looking. I’ll be posting pictures, writing posts, and maybe in the future videos. 

All and all let’s shop together, grow together, and learn from each other.